Coaching Competence (in English)

Using coaching competence in guiding people and processes

Online training

The benefits for your company:

Here you will acquire the competence to plan, structure and carry out target-oriented discussions with colleagues in team and project work in the sense of coaching.
You will know techniques and instruments to support goal setting, problem solving and behavior change. In doing so, you will encourage in others the willingness to take on responsibility and anticipate changes and react appropriately to them. You yourself will increase the awareness of your own personality, of contact quality and meta-communication and also your ability to clarify and maintain relationships.

As a central component of modern communication and interaction, coaching increases the motivation of those involved to participate in processes in their organization.

From SAYING to process-and target-oriented ASKING

The learning objectives of the „Coaching Competence“ training are:

  • Learn coaching methods and apply them in practice
  • Develop and strengthen sovereignty in communication
  • Establish clarity of values and roles in order to act clearly and powerful
  • Recognize potential in order to use others according to their abilities and possibilities
  • Care for and maintain mental wellbeing
  • Being able to clearly recognize self-image, external image and projection and train concrete perception
  • Be able to recognize inner beliefs and behavioral patterns in myself and others
  • Expand communication skills
  • Know and apply psychological models
  • Learn and apply coaching questioning techniques

the contents:

  • Models of competence and motivation
  • Psychological knowledge (systemic-constructivist image of human)
  • Coaching competence in supporting people and processes
  • The coaching process (goal setting, phases, structuring and control) and key factors for successful coaching
  • Intervention techniques to activate responsibility, willingness to change and willingness to perform


Experience-oriented and practical training with coaching exercises

Target groups:

Multipliers, team leaders, project managers, process owners

Duration: 4 modules (3, 2, 2 and 3 days)
Max. number of participants: 16-18

Participant feedback on the „Coaching competence“ company online training course

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